Ultimate 22Bet Payment Methods Guide (2024): Deposit, Withdrawal & More

Understanding 22Bet payment methods is like knowing the secret handshake to enter the winning circle.

This article is your ultimate guide, explaining everything you need to know about depositing and withdrawing funds on 22Bet like a pro.

From credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, to even local Indian options, we’ll cover all the popular choices, including minimum amounts, processing times, and security transaction tips.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of 22Bet payment options and make your betting journey smooth as butter.

How to Deposit on 22Bet India?

22bet payment deposit

Available Deposit Methods

If you’re considering using 22Bet, understanding their deposit methods is crucial.

This guide dives into available options, highlighting swift and convenient choices for Indian users.

Payment Options

22bet payment bank card

Bank Cards

Visa cards facilitate instant deposits (minimum ₹100, maximum ₹40,000).

22bet payment ewallet


PayTM, UPI, PhonePe, Skrill, and others offer prompt deposits (minimum ₹100, maximum varies by method).

22bet payment ecurrency

E-Currency Exchangers

ExpressPay and Fast Deposit prioritize rapid transactions (minimum ₹100, maximum varies).

22bet payment bank transfer

Bank Transfers

Google Pay and IMPS provide secure bank transfers (minimum ₹500, maximum ₹40,000).

22bet payment crytocurrency


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and more are accepted (minimum and maximum vary by cryptocurrency).

Processing Times

Deposits made through most methods are processed instantly, ensuring that funds reflect in users’ accounts without delay. 

However, bank transfers and cryptocurrency deposits may take slightly longer, typically ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the specific method used.


22Bet prides itself on offering transparent and user-friendly deposit policies, with no deposit fees charged to users. 

This means that players can deposit funds into their accounts without worrying about any additional charges or deductions.

Data Security

22Bet places a high priority on the security and privacy of its users’ data. 

Through advanced encryption technologies and robust security measures, the platform ensures that all transactions and personal information remain secure and protected from unauthorized access.

22Bet Deposit Instructions

22bet payment deposit guide

Ready to dive into the action on 22Bet? Here’s how to easily load up your account and get started:

  • Step 1: Open the 22Bet app on your phone and log in with your username and password.
  • Step 2: Look for the Deposit button, usually at the top of the screen
  • Step 3: Pick how you want to add money: credit/debit card, e-wallet (like Paytm or Skrill), or net banking. 
  • Step 4: The instructions will be specific to your chosen method, like entering card details, logging into your e-wallet, or entering bank information. Ensure that the entered amount is accurate.
  • Step 5: Review everything carefully before hitting “Deposit.” Some methods might require an extra security code for verification.

That’s it! Your funds should be added instantly to your account in most cases. Now you’re ready to explore the world of 22Bet!

22Bet First Deposit Offer

For new users, 22Bet offers welcome bonus offers that are linked to specific deposit methods. 

22bet sports welcome bonus

📝 Sports 

Users can make their first deposit and get a 100% bonus up to 11000 INR.

22bet casino welcome bonus

💎 Casino

Users can make their first deposit and get a 100% bonus up to 25000 INR. 

These offers and bonuses provide users with additional funds to enhance their betting or gaming experience, making 22Bet an attractive choice for Indian players.

Tips for Quick and Efficient Deposits

22bet payment deposit tips

Here’s a helpful guide with tips to ensure quick and efficient deposits on 22Bet:

✍️ Pick Your Speed

E-wallets like PayTM & PhonePe offer instant deposits, while cards are fast too. Bank transfers take longer.

Choose based on your needs.

📖 Be Prepared

Have your card details, e-wallet info, or bank info ready before starting.

Saves time and avoids delays.

☑️ Double-check

Review the amount and payment method carefully before confirming.

A typo can cause trouble!

💎 Know Your Limits

Each method has minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

Check beforehand to avoid surprises.

Problems When Depositing Money in 22Bet

22bet payment deposit problem

Here’s a concise overview of common deposit issues on 22Bet for Indian bettors, along with solutions:

  • Issue: Occur due to various reasons like insufficient funds or bank restrictions.
  • Solution: Use alternative options like PayTM or UPI, ensuring sufficient funds and a secure connection.
  • Issue: Deposits may take longer due to payment method processing or technical issues.
  • Solution: Be patient; bank transfers and some e-wallets can take hours or days. Contact 22Bet support if delays persist.
  • Issue: Users worry about data security amidst online threats.
  • Solution: 22Bet employs encryption and privacy measures. Users should use secure connections and monitor accounts for unauthorized activity.
  • Issue: Users may be unsure of deposit limits.
  • Solution: Familiarize with deposit limits in terms or FAQs, ensuring compliance to avoid issues.

By implementing these solutions, Indian bettors can navigate 22Bet’s deposit process smoothly, ensuring a seamless betting experience.

Withdrawing from 22Bet India

22bet payment withdrawal

22Bet offers an even wider range of withdrawal options in India than ever before, giving you more flexibility to choose what suits you best.

Here are the highlights:


Skrill, Neteller, PayTM, UPI, PhonePe.

These are still your lightning-fast options, usually reaching your account within minutes!

Perfect for quick access to your winnings.

Bank Transfers

Google Pay, IMPS, NEFT

Reliable and familiar, processing times can be longer (3-7 business days).

Ideal for larger amounts.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

They’re super secure and private, withdrawals can be instant!

Remember, crypto values fluctuate, so keep that in mind.

Payment System

Payeer – Another option for those who prefer it.





Minimum & Maximum Withdrawal Limits:

The minimum withdrawal amount varies depending on the method you choose.

Generally, it ranges from ₹100 for e-wallets to ₹5,000 for bank transfers.

The maximum withdrawal limit is usually significantly higher, reaching up to ₹1,000,000 for some methods. 

Check the specific limits for your chosen method on the 22Bet website.

Processing Times:

  • E-wallets, UPI, and PhonePe still offer the fastest processing times, often instant!
  • Bank transfers and IMPS withdrawals may take longer, depending on your bank.

Remember, weekends and holidays might add to the waiting time.

Withdrawal Fees:

The good news is, 22Bet generally doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees! 

However, some payment providers might have their own charges, so double-check before initiating the withdrawal.


  • Verify your account: Before withdrawing, ensure your account is fully verified with 22Bet to avoid delays.
  • Use the same method for deposits and withdrawals: This simplifies the process and avoids unnecessary verifications.
  • Choose the right method: Consider factors like speed, fees, and your comfort level when selecting a withdrawal method.

Withdrawal Instructions

22bet payment withdrawal guide

Ready to claim your winnings on 22Bet India? Here’s a quick guide to ensure a smooth withdrawal:

  • Step 1: Log in to your 22Bet account.
  • Step 2: Go to the “Withdrawal” section.
  • Step 3: Choose your withdrawal method.
  • Step 4: Enter the withdrawal amount.
  • Step 5: Provide any required verification documents.
  • Step 6: Review and confirm the withdrawal details.
  • Step 7: Click “Withdraw” to initiate the request.
  • Step 8: Await processing and approval.
  • Step 9: Once approved, funds will be transferred to your chosen method.

Document Verification Requirements for Withdrawals

22bet payment verification

First-time withdrawals on 22Bet India require account verification. This ensures secure transactions and responsible gambling.

What to submit:

  • Proof of Identity: Passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card, or driver’s license (with photo and date of birth).
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bill (electricity, water, phone), bank statement, or government document with your address.
  • Upload clear photos and ensure details match your account information. Verification usually takes 1-3 business days.

Once verified, choose from various 22Bet payment methods for fast and easy withdrawals.

Popular options include e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

How To Cancel A 22Bet Withdrawal?

22bet payment cancelation

Ever started a withdrawal on 22Bet and then had a second thought? Maybe you want to use those funds for another exciting bet, or perhaps you just changed your mind. No worries, cancelling your withdrawal is possible!

Here’s the catch

  • You can only cancel a withdrawal if it hasn’t been processed yet. Once processing starts, it’s too late to turn back.
  • Processing times vary depending on the chosen 22Bet payment method (e.g., e-wallets are usually faster than bank transfers). Check your withdrawal status to see if cancellation is still an option.

How to Cancel

  • Step 1: Log in to your 22Bet account.
  • Step 2: Go to your “Transaction History” section.
  • Step 3: Find the withdrawal you want to cancel and click on it.
  • Step 4: If the option is available, you’ll see a “Cancel Withdrawal” button. Click it!
  • Step 5: Confirm your cancellation.

Confirmation & Refund

  • You’ll receive a confirmation message letting you know your withdrawal is cancelled.
  • The funds will be returned to your 22Bet account using the same method you chose for the withdrawal.


If your withdrawal is already being processed and cancellation isn’t possible, you can still contact 22Bet customer support for assistance. They might be able to offer alternative solutions depending on the situation.

Problems When Withdrawing Money from 22Bet

22bet payment withdrawal problem

So you’ve hit that big win on 22Bet, but getting your cash out isn’t as smooth as you’d hoped?

Don’t worry, fellow Indian betting champ, even champions face hurdles sometimes.

Here’s a look at some common problems Indian bettors encounter when withdrawing from 22Bet, along with solutions to get you back on track:

  • Issue: This can happen due to various reasons like incomplete verification, incorrect withdrawal details, or high withdrawal amount exceeding limits.
  • Solution: Double-check your verification status, ensure details match your account, and stay within withdrawal limits for your chosen 22Bet payment method. If unsure, contact 22Bet support for help.
  • Issue: Processing times depend on the chosen method. E-wallets are usually faster, while bank transfers might take longer.
  • Solution: Be patient and check the estimated processing times for your method. If it exceeds the usual timeframe, contact support to investigate.
  • Issue: This could be due to technical issues or incorrect account details.
  • Solution: Check your transaction history and ensure all information is correct. If you still haven’t received your funds after the processing time, contact support immediately.
  • Issue: Sometimes, 22Bet might cancel a withdrawal due to security reasons or verification issues.
  • Solution: Contact support to understand the reason for cancellation and get your funds returned using the original withdrawal method.

Security of 22Bet Payment Methods

22bet payment payment security

Winning on 22Bet is exciting, but feeling confident about your money is even better!

So, let’s talk about the security measures 22Bet takes to keep your financial information safe and sound.

SSL Encryption

Imagine wrapping your information in a super-secret code, like a locked vault.

That’s what SSL does, making it almost impossible for anyone to peek inside.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

This is like having a double lock on your door.

You enter your password, and then a special code sent to your phone, making it extra tough for anyone to get in.

Secure Payment Methods

22Bet only partners with trusted and secure payment providers, like those you might use for online shopping.

They have their own security measures to keep your information safe.

Bonus Tips for Secure Transactions:

  • Keep your password strong and unique. Don’t share it with anyone, not even your best friend!
  • Enable 2FA if available. It’s an extra layer of protection.
  • Be cautious of phishing scams. Don’t click on suspicious links or emails asking for your information.
  • Check your transaction history regularly. Make sure everything looks right.
  • Contact 22Bet support if you have any concerns. They’re there to help!

User Testimonial

Ever wondered what other Indian bettors think about 22Bet payment methods?

22bet payment method by Sunil
22bet payment method by Manish
22bet payment method by arjun
22bet payment method by Deepak
22bet payment method by anya

Both positive and negative feedback are valuable.

It helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of 22Bet payment methods.

Use this information to make an informed decision about whether 22Bet is the right platform for you.

FAQs About 22Bet Payment

Generally, 22Bet doesn’t charge fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, some individual payment providers might have their own fees. Always check before making a transaction.

22Bet supports a wide range of currencies, including Indian Rupees (₹). You can choose your preferred currency when you sign up.

Processing times depend on the method. E-wallets are usually the fastest, while bank transfers might take longer. Check the estimated processing time for your chosen method.

22Bet uses security measures like SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to protect your financial information. However, responsible gambling is crucial. Play within your limits and never share your password or verification details.

Contact 22Bet customer support. Their purpose is to assist you in resolving any challenges you may encounter.

Final Thought

In conclusion, understanding 22Bet payment methods is essential for a seamless betting experience. 

From a variety of options like bank cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, users have flexibility in managing their transactions. 

It’s crucial to prioritize safe and responsible betting practices, keeping in mind factors like transaction fees and withdrawal processing times. 

With all this knowledge, you can make informed choices about 22Bet payment methods and enjoy your betting experience!

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