20Bet vs Dafabet 2024: Unveiling the Best Platform for Indian Cricket Fans

Welcome to the arena of online cricket betting, where choices abound and decisions matter. In this guide, we unravel the world of 20Bet vs Dafabet, two prominent platforms that have become the focal point for Indian cricket enthusiasts.

Understanding the significance of making wise choices, especially for our cricket-savvy audience, we embark on a journey to compare these platforms comprehensively. Our aim is to equip Indian cricket bettors, both seasoned and new, with the insights needed to navigate the nuances of 20Bet and Dafabet, ensuring an informed decision-making process.

So, let’s dive into the intricate details of these platforms, exploring the features and offerings that define the cricket betting experience. Stay tuned for a thorough examination that empowers you to make the right choice in the world of 20Bet vs Dafabet.

20Bet vs Dafabet Quick View

To provide a quick comparison between 20Bet and Dafabet, let’s utilize tables summarizing key aspects:

20bet logo

Established               2020

License                      Curaçao eGaming

Headquarters            Cyprus

Mobile apps              Android, iOS

Live betting               Yes

Live streaming          Yes

Cashout                    Yes

Min deposit               ₹90

Strengths                  Generous welcome bonus                                    Competitive cricket odds                                      User-friendly interface   Weaknesses              Limited payment methods                                  Technical glitches 


full 20bet review
dafabet logo

Established             2006

License                    UK Gambling, Isle of Man

Headquarters          Philippines    

Mobile apps             Android, iOS  

 Live betting             Yes    

Live streaming         Yes    

Cashout                   Yes    

Min deposit              ₹100    

Strengths                 Renowned cricket focus                                      Match Live streaming                                          Strong customer support

Weaknesses               Not major                                                               May not offer lastet features                                                

full dafabet review
20bet vs dafabet background comparison

20Bet and Dafabet are both online gambling platforms offering sports betting, casino games, and live dealer options. Choosing between them can be tricky, so let’s compare their history, reputation, and trustworthiness to help you decide.

Background & Establishment


Launched in 2020, 20Bet is a relatively new player in the online gambling scene. It’s operated by TechSolutions Group N.V., a Curaçao-licensed company. Despite its young age, 20Bet has gained popularity for its extensive sportsbook, modern interface, and competitive odds.


Established in 2006, Dafabet is a well-established and globally recognized brand. Its owner is AsianBGE Limited which is licensed in the Philippines and the Isle of Man, making it a popular choice for players worldwide. Dafabet boasts a long track record of reliability, secure transactions, and a vast selection of games.

Reputation & Trustworthiness


While relatively new, 20Bet has generally positive reviews from users. It’s praised for its fast payouts, responsive customer support, and user-friendly website. However, some concerns have been raised about the limited payment methods and occasional technical glitches.


Dafabet enjoys a strong reputation for its reliability and trustworthiness. It’s backed by a long history of fair play, secure transactions, and responsible gambling practices. Dafabet is also a sponsor of several major sporting events, further solidifying its brand image.

Here’s a table summarizing the key points:

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Established 2020 2006
Licenses Curaçao Philippines, Isle of Man
Reputation Generally positive Strong, well-established

Both 20Bet and Dafabet are reputable platforms offering a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

  • Choose 20Bet if: you prefer a modern platform with competitive odds and prioritize a vast sportsbook.
  • Choose Dafabet if: you value a long-established brand with a proven track record of reliability and a wider range of games and features.

20Bet vs Dafabet: Bonuses and Promotions

20bet vs dafabet bonus

When it comes to choosing a betting platform, understanding the bonuses and promotions is crucial for Indian bettors. Let’s break down what 20Bet and Dafabet offer in terms of welcome bonuses and other promotions.

Criteria 20Bet Dafabet
Welcome Bonus Up to ₹9,000 with the first deposit 160% up to ₹16,000 on the first deposit
Promotions Regular promotions on various sports Promotions tailored to specific events
Loyalty Programs Tier-based loyalty program VIP program with exclusive perks
Bonus Terms 5x wagering requirement 15x wagering requirement
Ease of Claiming Simple process with clear instructions User-friendly claiming process

Welcome Bonuses

Both platforms provide welcome bonuses, but the devil lies in the details.

First up, 20Bet welcomes you with a hefty 100% bonus up to a cool 9,000 rupees. But hold on, you gotta deposit at least 900 rupees and play by their rules, meaning you’ll need to wager your bonus and deposit 12 times before cashing out.

Dafabet’s welcome offering is different – 160% up to 16,000 rupees. The downside? Higher wagering requirements.

Value for Indian Bettors

In analyzing which platform offers better value, consider your betting style and preferences. Some may find 20Bet’s offerings more aligned with their needs, while others may favor Dafabet’s incentives.

So, which platform offers better value? It depends! 20Bet’s bigger bonus might seem tempting, but their stricter wagering requirements make it harder to unlock cash. Dafabet offers more flexibility with two bonus options, but their minimum deposits are higher. Ultimately, choose the platform that matches your style: bigger potential wins with 20Bet, or a more flexible and established option with Dafabet.

Payment Options: 20Bet or Dafabet?

20bet vs dafabet payment comparison

Alright, let’s talk rupees and paise! When it comes to online betting, smooth and secure payments are just as important as picking the winning team. So, let’s compare how 20Bet and Dafabet handle your hard-earned cash:

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Debit/Credit Cards YES (Visa, Mastercard) YES (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
E-wallets Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, MuchBetter
UPI Transfer YES YES
Net Banking YES YES
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Security and Speed

Both platforms ensure secure transactions with SSL encryption and fraud prevention measures. 20Bet focuses on fast processing, while Dafabet boasts a wider range of e-wallet options.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits with both platforms are instant, using familiar methods like UPI and net banking. Withdrawals take longer, with processing times depending on the chosen method.

20Bet’s minimum withdrawal is slightly lower, but Dafabet offers faster processing for certain e-wallets.

Verdict for Indian Cricket Fans

The platform that caters better to you depends on your preferences.

20Bet’s focus on UPI and low minimum withdrawals might be ideal for beginners.

Dafabet’s diverse e-wallet options and faster processing speeds could suit experienced bettors. Remember, always choose a method you trust and feel comfortable with!

20Bet vs Dafabet: Cricket Marketplace

20bet vs dafabet betting market comparison

Choosing the right platform for your cricket betting fun can be tricky, so let’s compare the cricket markets of 20Bet and Dafabet:

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Market Depth Covers major and minor tournaments (IPL, Ranji Trophy) Covers all major tournaments and leagues, plus niche options
Match Options Basic bets (winner, toss, batsman runs) Wide range of bets, including batsman matchups, sixes, wickets in an over
Special Bets Unique options like “Man of the Match” with boosted odds Asian Handicap Betting: Facilitates punters who enjoy having fewer outcomes to assess, creating a unique betting experience.

Choosing Your Pitch

Both platforms offer a rich variety of markets, with 20Bet excelling in player performance betting and Dafabet standing out with Asian Handicap options. The choice depends on personal preferences, ensuring a diverse and engaging betting experience for Indian users.

Remember, young champions, the best platform depends on your preferences! Consider what kind of bets you enjoy and compare the markets before placing your wagers.

Odds: 20Bet or Dafabet?

20bet vs dafabet odds comparison

Let’s compare the cricket odds offered by 20Bet and Dafabet, focusing on the types of odds, odd formats, and providing a practical example with the current date.

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Odd Types Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds, Moneyline Odds Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds
Odd Formats Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds, Moneyline Odds Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds

Both platforms provide a range of odds catering to different preferences. 20Bet stands out by offering Moneyline Odds as an additional option, providing users with more choices. Now, let’s compare the types and formats of cricket odds offered by 20Bet and Dafabet for an upcoming Ranji Trophy match between Mumbai and Saurashtra on January 15, 2024:

  • 20Bet Odds for Over 250 Runs: 2.20
  • Dafabet Odds for Over 250 Runs: 2.15

In this case, 20Bet offers slightly higher odds for Mumbai crossing 250 runs, meaning you could potentially win a little more if your prediction comes true!

It’s a close call! 20Bet takes the lead for slightly higher odds in this specific example of Mumbai’s run total. However, Dafabet might offer better odds for other matches or bet types. Remember, young champions, always compare odds across platforms and choose the one that suits your specific bet and preferences!

20Bet vs Dafabet: Live Betting

20bet vs dafabet live betting comparison

Want to turn your cricket viewing into a real nail-biter? Live betting lets you place wagers while the match is on, adding an extra layer of excitement! Let’s compare the live betting features of 20Bet and Dafabet for Indian cricket fans:

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Live Streaming Yes, for select cricket matches. Limited availability for cricket.
In-Play Markets Diverse options, including match winner, run totals, player performance. Comprehensive range covering match dynamics, player statistics, etc.
Cash Out Available for ongoing cricket events. Offered for select live cricket events.


  • Both platforms provide live streaming, with 20Bet offering it for a more extensive range of cricket matches.
  • In-play markets are diverse on both platforms, catering to different betting preferences.
  • The cash-out feature adds flexibility to the betting experience on both platforms.

20Bet/Dafabet Mobile Application

20bet vs dafabet mobile app

Want to place cricket wagers right from your phone? Let’s compare the mobile apps of 20Bet and Dafabet for Indian users:

Feature 20Bet App Dafabet App
Design: Sleek and modern, easy to navigate. Crisp and colorful, familiar layout.
Usability: User-friendly interface, even for tech newbies. Simple and intuitive, quick to find what you need.
Performance: Fast and responsive, even on slower connections. Reliable and stable, no frustrating crashes.
Unique Cricket Betting Options: Player Performance Combos: Combine bets like wickets and sixes in one shot. Bowler Wicket Specials: Bet on bowler performance within specific overs.

Both apps offer a smooth and enjoyable mobile betting experience.

20Bet’s modern design and unique player combo bets might appeal to some, while Dafabet’s familiarity and bowler specials could be another’s preference.

Ultimately, the “best” app depends on your personal style and preferred features. Remember, try both apps and choose the one that feels most comfortable and exciting for your cricket wagers!

Bonus Tip: Look for special mobile-only promotions and bonuses for extra winnings!

Other Betting Features: Bet365 or Dafabet

20bet vs dafabet features

Indian cricket fans, ready to dive deeper into the betting features of 20Bet and Dafabet? Let’s compare some tools that might make your betting experience even hotter than Virat Kohli’s bat:

Feature 20Bet Dafabet
Edit Bet Limited edit bet options. Only possible before the match starts on specific bets. Limited edit bet options compared to 20Bet.
Bet Constructor No dedicated bet constructor, though you can combine some individual wagers for specific markets. No dedicated bet constructor, similar to 20Bet.
Cash Out Yes, on most live bets, giving you some control over your wagers. Yes, on most live bets, similar to 20Bet.
Partial Cash Out No partial cash out option available currently. No partial cash out option available currently, similar to 20Bet.


  • Edit Bet: Both platforms offer Edit Bet functionality, allowing users to adjust their bets.
  • Bet Constructor: Both 20Bet and Dafabet provide Bet Constructor features for crafting personalized bets.
  • Cash Out: Both platforms have a Cash Out option, giving users control over their bets.

Customer Support: 20Bet or Dafabet?

20bet vs dafabet customer support comparison

Let’s delve into the customer support offerings of 20Bet and Dafabet, considering support channels, response times, and language options, to assist Indian bettors in making an informed decision.

Platform Support Channels Response Times
20Bet Live Chat, Email Quick responses within a few hours.
Dafabet Live Chat, Email, Phone (24/7 availability) Swift responses, especially via Live Chat.

Both platforms offer multilingual support, ensuring assistance in English and various regional languages, catering to diverse Indian users.


  • 20Bet wins in terms of Hindi language support on live chat, making it slightly more accessible for Indian users who prefer their native language.
  • Dafabet edges out with faster email response times and phone hotline availability, potentially offering quicker resolution for complex issues.

Consider your preferred support channels and response time expectations. Choose 20Bet if Hindi live chat is important, while Dafabet might be better if you prioritize faster email responses and phone access.

20Bet/Dafabet: Responsible Gambling

20bet vs dafabet responsible gambling comparison

In the comparison between 20Bet and Dafabet, it’s crucial to highlight their commitment to responsible gambling. Both platforms recognize the significance of user well-being and promote ethical practices in the following ways:

  • Deposit Limits: Manage your spending by setting limits on the amount you can deposit.
  • Self-Exclusion: Take a break from betting, either for a cooling-off period or permanently.
  • Reality Checks: Get reminders about how long you’ve been playing and how much you’ve wagered.
  • Support & Resources: Both platforms offer links to helplines and organizations dedicated to responsible gambling.

Choose the platform that resonates with you, but remember, prioritize safe and sustainable betting practices! Enjoy the thrill of the game, but always bet responsibly!

This way, we acknowledge the importance of responsible gambling while still promoting the fun aspects of cricket betting. We also emphasize the availability of resources for Indian users, showcasing both platforms’ commitment to user well-being.

20Bet vs Dafabet: Champs Face Off!

Stuck choosing between 20Bet and Dafabet? Let’s break it down for young cricket fans like you:

  • Big Bonus: 20Bet wins with a bigger welcome bonus, easier to claim too!
  • Live Action: Dafabet shows more live matches, watch your favorites play live!
  • Special Bets: 20Bet lets you combine player bets like Kohli’s sixes and wickets! Dafabet has bowler specials, guess who takes the most wickets in an over!

Both offer tons of cricket bets, mobile apps, and safe betting tools. So, which champion is for you?

  • Bonus Magnet? Go for 20Bet!
  • Live Cricket Fan? Choose Dafabet!
  • Love unique bets? Try both!

Remember, young champs, bet responsibly and always have fun!

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